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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.12
* GTK+ now respects default size even for windows that are not resizable
* GtkScale and GtkScrollbar have received multiple fixes for fallout from
the gadget port
* GtkStackSwitcher will now switch pages when hovered during drag-and-drop
* Inspector:
- The per-object CSS editor has been dropped; the global one is sufficient
- The sidebar has been replaced by a combo box
- Add a Show Layout option to the Visual tab
- CSS node tree and style properties are now on the same page
- The frame clock is shown in the Miscellaneous page
- Isolate the inspector from visual debugging effects
- Numerous smaller UI improvements
* Themes:
- Windows theme: handle spin buttons and switches
- Adwaita: Fixes for scales, combo boxes, info bars, action bars, radio and
check buttons, side bars, etc
- Adwaita has gained a new style of drop target highlighting
* Wayland:
- Synchronize key repeat with server
- Add a bell request to gtk_shell and use it to implement gdk_window_beep
- Add a focus request to gtk_shell and use it to implement gtk_window_present
- Dropping tabs to create new windows is now supported
* Windows:
- Use a custom drag-resize implementation
- Use layered windows
- Provide workarea information
* OS X:
- Native zoom and rotate gestures are now supported
* Bug fixes:
583780 gtk_toggle_button_set_mode() documentation should suggest when it is...
699891 Support for Primary keybinding in builder XML
720950 Default double-click interval should be increased
748872 W32: Use layered windows
756450 GTK file chooser completion dropdown sets cursor in wrong position
757942 Input event (e. g. typing on keyboard) is sent repeatedly during hig...
759899 W32: CSD is not enabled by default
760276 Quartz does not support GtkGesture Zoom and Rotate (NSEventTypeMagni...
761629 W32: WM window drag-resizing code does not work well with GTK
762397 GtkToolButton needs left & right padding and margin
762811 Adwaita: nonsquare image buttons
762820 Remove "core_pointer" from the GdkDisplay struct
762891 gdk: remove the display->list_devices vfunc
762902 GDK W32: Newly-opened windows (such as popups) have unthemed cursor
762907 gnome-shell crashes after undocking
762945 Wrong allignemet in some places
762974 GtkWindow: gtk_window_set_default_size() does not work with fixed si...
762996 Revealer doesn't reveal the entire width of a ListBox that has Revea...
763001 implement beeping
763012 GDK W32: No gdk_win32_screen_get_monitor_workarea()
763017 tooltip text is not shown
763023 Segfault in init_randr15()
763080 Layered Window crashes GDKGLWin32
763103 gtk-launch: add hack to close up dbus-daemon race
763216 GtkTextView's top-margin/bottom-margin don't work with non-scrolling...
763285 gdkwindow/Win32: Make update_style_bits() available across the GDK-W...
763287 GDK-Win32: GL area does not redraw on resize
763298 wayland: connection flooded when dragging
763351 [wayland] high cpu usage on open popover
763380 colorscale input popup difficult to use with a pointer
763387 Make window creation hooks in tab DnD work on wayland
763628 W32: Shortcuts window is gtk3-demo misplaced on multidisplay desktop
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.11
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