gtkplacesidebar: remove obsolete drop state

We didn't use those for some time now.
parent 91e1e808
......@@ -106,22 +106,14 @@
#define TIMEOUT_EXPAND 500
/* These are used when a destination-side DND operation is taking place.
* Normally, when a file is being hovered directly over a bookmark,
* we’ll be in DROP_STATE_NORMAL.
* But when a file is being hovered between bookmarks, this means the user
* may want to create a new bookmark for that file between those bookmarks.
* In that case, the drop state will be *not* DROP_STATE_NORMAL.
* When the drop state is FADING_OUT, it means that the user is hovering
* directly over an existing bookmark and an immediate drop will cause the
* file being dragged to be dropped on the bookmark, instead of causing
* a new bookmark to be created.
* Normally, when a common drag action is taking place, the state will be
* DROP_STATE_NEW_BOOKMARK_ARMED, however, if the client of GtkPlacesSidebar
* wants to show hints about the valid targets, we sill set it as
* DROP_STATE_NEW_BOOKMARK_ARMED_PERMANENT, so the sidebar will show drop hints
* until the client says otherwise
typedef enum {
} DropState;
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