Commit a9481cb4 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

match_all: Only allocate an array when needed

My statistics show that more than half of all calls end up
with 0 matches, so we can avoid some overhead by not allocating
an array at all in this case.
parent 2d29ae41
......@@ -159,8 +159,8 @@ g_ptr_array_insert_sorted (GPtrArray *array,
static void
gtk_css_selector_tree_found_match (const GtkCssSelectorTree *tree,
GPtrArray *array)
gtk_css_selector_tree_found_match (const GtkCssSelectorTree *tree,
GPtrArray **array)
int i;
gpointer *matches;
......@@ -168,8 +168,11 @@ gtk_css_selector_tree_found_match (const GtkCssSelectorTree *tree,
matches = gtk_css_selector_tree_get_matches (tree);
if (matches)
if (!*array)
*array = g_ptr_array_sized_new (16);
for (i = 0; matches[i] != NULL; i++)
g_ptr_array_insert_sorted (array, matches[i]);
g_ptr_array_insert_sorted (*array, matches[i]);
......@@ -1757,15 +1760,13 @@ GPtrArray *
_gtk_css_selector_tree_match_all (const GtkCssSelectorTree *tree,
const GtkCssMatcher *matcher)
GPtrArray *array;
GPtrArray *array = NULL;
update_type_references ();
array = g_ptr_array_sized_new (16);
for (; tree != NULL;
tree = gtk_css_selector_tree_get_sibling (tree))
gtk_css_selector_foreach (&tree->selector, matcher, gtk_css_selector_tree_match_foreach, array);
gtk_css_selector_foreach (&tree->selector, matcher, gtk_css_selector_tree_match_foreach, &array);
return array;
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