Commit a265d8f3 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

gtkmenu: Fix potential use of uninitialised variables

The child_height out variable is only valid if compute_child_offset()
returns TRUE.

Found by scan-build.
parent 480a0050
......@@ -5414,9 +5414,9 @@ gtk_menu_real_move_scroll (GtkMenu *menu,
gint child_height;
compute_child_offset (menu, menu_shell->priv->active_menu_item,
&child_offset, &child_height, NULL);
child_offset += child_height / 2;
if (compute_child_offset (menu, menu_shell->priv->active_menu_item,
&child_offset, &child_height, NULL))
child_offset += child_height / 2;
menu_shell->priv->ignore_enter = TRUE;
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