gtkactiongroup: clarify set_translation_domain docs

NULL is an actual useful value for
gtk_action_group_set_translation_domain, but this information is buried
in g_dgettext() documentation.

Be extra redundant, to make it obvious that NULL is ok.
parent afcd3c9f
......@@ -1406,7 +1406,8 @@ dgettext_swapped (const gchar *msgid,
* gtk_action_group_set_translation_domain:
* @action_group: a #GtkActionGroup
* @domain: the translation domain to use for g_dgettext() calls
* @domain: (allow-none): the translation domain to use for g_dgettext()
* calls, or %NULL to use the domain set with textdomain()
* Sets the translation domain and uses g_dgettext() for translating the
* @label and @tooltip of #GtkActionEntry<!-- -->s added by
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