Commit 9d5c6aaa authored by Nelson Benítez León's avatar Nelson Benítez León Committed by Daniel Boles

gtktextdisplay: remove unused code

In render_para() function, which is called for every text line that
needs to be drawn.
parent 3b5195c4
......@@ -610,21 +610,12 @@ render_para (GtkTextRenderer *text_renderer,
PangoLayout *layout = line_display->layout;
int byte_offset = 0;
PangoLayoutIter *iter;
PangoRectangle layout_logical;
int screen_width;
GdkRGBA selection;
gboolean first = TRUE;
GtkCssNode *selection_node;
iter = pango_layout_get_iter (layout);
pango_layout_iter_get_layout_extents (iter, NULL, &layout_logical);
/* Adjust for margins */
layout_logical.x += line_display->x_offset * PANGO_SCALE;
layout_logical.y += line_display->top_margin * PANGO_SCALE;
screen_width = line_display->total_width;
context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (text_renderer->widget);
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