Commit 9cbf04c1 authored by Mike Gorse's avatar Mike Gorse

A11y: fix typo when initializing a container cell accessible

Gtk_container_cell_widget_set should chain up to its parent's set
function, not its parent's unset function. This was resulting in
accessibles being erroneously marked defunct after being created.
parent 8cb44414
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ gtk_container_cell_widget_set (GtkAccessible *accessible)
for (l = container->priv->children; l; l = l->next)
gtk_accessible_set_widget (l->data, gtk_accessible_get_widget (accessible));
GTK_ACCESSIBLE_CLASS (gtk_container_cell_accessible_parent_class)->widget_unset (accessible);
GTK_ACCESSIBLE_CLASS (gtk_container_cell_accessible_parent_class)->widget_set (accessible);
static void
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