Commit 9b5a7ae8 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi 👣

Merge branch 'fix-treemodelsort_processed_as_treemodel' into 'master'

Annotate GtkTreeModelSort.new_with_model() appropriately

See merge request !1134
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......@@ -526,12 +526,12 @@ gtk_tree_model_sort_drag_source_init (GtkTreeDragSourceIface *iface)
* gtk_tree_model_sort_new_with_model:
* gtk_tree_model_sort_new_with_model: (constructor)
* @child_model: A #GtkTreeModel
* Creates a new #GtkTreeModel, with @child_model as the child model.
* Creates a new #GtkTreeModelSort, with @child_model as the child model.
* Returns: (transfer full): A new #GtkTreeModel.
* Returns: (transfer full) (type Gtk.TreeModelSort): A new #GtkTreeModelSort.
GtkTreeModel *
gtk_tree_model_sort_new_with_model (GtkTreeModel *child_model)
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