Commit 9a42942a authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

GtkBox: Add baseline alignment for horizontal boxes

Report a baseline based height and baseline whenever there
are children with ALIGN_BASELINE.

Assign baseline to childen in size_allocate. Either the one inherited
from the parent if set, or otherwise calculate one based on any
parent 1e1cf89e
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......@@ -89,6 +89,11 @@ gboolean gtk_box_get_homogeneous (GtkBox *box);
void gtk_box_set_spacing (GtkBox *box,
gint spacing);
gint gtk_box_get_spacing (GtkBox *box);
void gtk_box_set_baseline_position (GtkBox *box,
GtkBaselinePosition position);
GtkBaselinePosition gtk_box_get_baseline_position (GtkBox *box);
void gtk_box_reorder_child (GtkBox *box,
GtkWidget *child,
......@@ -131,6 +131,28 @@ typedef enum
GTK_FILL = 1 << 2
} GtkAttachOptions;
* GtkBaselinePosition:
* @GTK_BASELINE_POSITION_TOP: Align the baseline at the top
* @GTK_BASELINE_POSITION_CENTER: Center the baseline
* @GTK_BASELINE_POSITION_BOTTOM: Align the baseline at the bottom
* Whenever a container has some form of natural row it may align
* children in that row along a common typographical baseline. If
* the amount of verical space in the row is taller than the total
* requested height of the baseline-aligned children then it can use a
* #GtkBaselinePosition to select where to put the baseline inside the
* extra availible space.
* Since: 3.10
typedef enum
} GtkBaselinePosition;
* GtkButtonBoxStyle:
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