Commit 949aa98a authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

testgtk: Don't use deprecated functions in selection test

parent 5600499c
......@@ -8900,10 +8900,16 @@ selection_test_received (GtkWidget *tree_view,
selection_test_get_targets (GtkWidget *widget, GtkWidget *tree_view)
selection_test_get_targets (GtkWidget *dialog, gint response, GtkWidget *tree_view)
static GdkAtom targets_atom = GDK_NONE;
if (response != GTK_RESPONSE_APPLY)
gtk_widget_destroy (dialog);
if (targets_atom == GDK_NONE)
targets_atom = gdk_atom_intern ("TARGETS", FALSE);
......@@ -8915,8 +8921,7 @@ void
create_selection_test (GtkWidget *widget)
static GtkWidget *window = NULL;
GtkWidget *action_area, *content_area;
GtkWidget *button;
GtkWidget *content_area;
GtkWidget *vbox;
GtkWidget *scrolled_win;
GtkListStore* store;
......@@ -8937,7 +8942,6 @@ create_selection_test (GtkWidget *widget)
content_area = gtk_dialog_get_content_area (GTK_DIALOG (window));
action_area = gtk_dialog_get_action_area (GTK_DIALOG (window));
gtk_window_set_title (GTK_WINDOW (window), "Selection Test");
gtk_container_set_border_width (GTK_CONTAINER (window), 0);
......@@ -8971,18 +8975,16 @@ create_selection_test (GtkWidget *widget)
G_CALLBACK (selection_test_received), NULL);
/* .. And create some buttons */
button = gtk_button_new_with_label ("Get Targets");
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (action_area), button, TRUE, TRUE, 0);
gtk_dialog_add_button (GTK_DIALOG (window),
"Get Targets",
g_signal_connect (button, "clicked",
g_signal_connect (window, "response",
G_CALLBACK (selection_test_get_targets), tree_view);
button = gtk_button_new_with_label ("Quit");
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (action_area), button, TRUE, TRUE, 0);
g_signal_connect_swapped (button, "clicked",
G_CALLBACK (gtk_widget_destroy),
gtk_dialog_add_button (GTK_DIALOG (window),
if (!gtk_widget_get_visible (window))
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