Commit 93efaa5e authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Fix GtkApplicationWindow menubar placement

Since the menubar is part of the content, we need to give
it the content_window as parent window, to make things
work again.
parent bdfd0d46
......@@ -258,6 +258,9 @@ gtk_application_window_update_menubar (GtkApplicationWindow *window)
window->priv->menubar = gtk_menu_bar_new_from_model (G_MENU_MODEL (combined));
gtk_widget_set_parent (window->priv->menubar, GTK_WIDGET (window));
if (_gtk_window_get_content_window (GTK_WINDOW (window)) != NULL)
gtk_widget_set_parent_window (window->priv->menubar,
_gtk_window_get_content_window (GTK_WINDOW (window)));
gtk_widget_show_all (window->priv->menubar);
g_object_unref (combined);
......@@ -760,6 +763,10 @@ gtk_application_window_real_realize (GtkWidget *widget)
GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_application_window_parent_class)
->realize (widget);
if (window->priv->menubar != NULL)
gtk_widget_set_parent_window (window->priv->menubar,
_gtk_window_get_content_window (GTK_WINDOW (window)));
GdkWindow *gdkwindow;
......@@ -11271,3 +11271,9 @@ ensure_state_flag_backdrop (GtkWidget *widget)
gtk_widget_queue_draw (widget);
GdkWindow *
_gtk_window_get_content_window (GtkWindow *window)
return window->priv->content_window;
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ void _gtk_window_get_wmclass (GtkWindow *window,
void _gtk_window_set_allocation (GtkWindow *window,
const GtkAllocation *allocation,
GtkAllocation *allocation_out);
GdkWindow * _gtk_window_get_content_window (GtkWindow *window);
typedef void (*GtkWindowKeysForeachFunc) (GtkWindow *window,
guint keyval,
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