Commit 925c800e authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

entry: fix progressbar area size for interior-focus = FALSE

No need to subtract focus line width again, since the progressbar is
rendered starting at (0, 0).
This also fixes the entry-progressbar-coloring reftest.
parent 49674d92
......@@ -3540,12 +3540,6 @@ get_progress_area (GtkWidget *widget,
*width = text_area_width + entry_borders.left + entry_borders.right;
*height = text_area_height + + entry_borders.bottom;
if (!private->interior_focus)
*x -= private->focus_width;
*y -= private->focus_width;
/* if the text area got resized by a subclass, subtract the left/right
* border width, so that the progress bar won't extend over the resized
* text area.
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