Commit 8fb311cb authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Document the border-spacing CSS property

parent 0eecc6f6
......@@ -1375,5 +1375,33 @@ We use <literallayout> for syntax productions, and each line is put in a <code>
〈binding name〉 must have been assigned to a binding set with a @binding-set rule.
<table pgwide="1">
<title>Table-related properties</title>
<tgroup cols="7">
<colspec colnum="4" align="center"/>
<colspec colnum="5" align="center"/>
<entry><ulink url="">CSS2</ulink>,
<ulink url="">CSS3</ulink></entry>
The border-spacing property is respected by GtkBox and GtkGrid, and by box gadgets that
are used internally in complex widgets.
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