Commit 8c9e426d authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

placessidebar: Do not set as a "track motion" DnD site

It has the unintended effect of picking the suggested action from the
context, which conflicts with the (possibly 0) status we set on our
::drag-motion handler.

Given this widget is not interested in listening to DnD from every
possible target, it is safe to just disable it.
parent 5d17b0af
......@@ -3766,8 +3766,6 @@ gtk_places_sidebar_init (GtkPlacesSidebar *sidebar)
sidebar->source_targets = gtk_target_list_new (dnd_source_targets, G_N_ELEMENTS (dnd_source_targets));
gtk_target_list_add_text_targets (sidebar->source_targets, 0);
gtk_drag_dest_set_track_motion (GTK_WIDGET (sidebar->list_box), TRUE);
g_signal_connect (sidebar->list_box, "motion-notify-event",
G_CALLBACK (on_motion_notify_event), sidebar);
g_signal_connect (sidebar->list_box, "drag-begin",
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