placesviewrow: remove unneeded functions

These function declarations are not used nor implemented
anywhere, so remove them.
parent ae487840
...@@ -54,11 +54,6 @@ gboolean gtk_places_view_row_get_is_network (GtkPlacesViewR ...@@ -54,11 +54,6 @@ gboolean gtk_places_view_row_get_is_network (GtkPlacesViewR
void gtk_places_view_row_set_is_network (GtkPlacesViewRow *row, void gtk_places_view_row_set_is_network (GtkPlacesViewRow *row,
gboolean is_network); gboolean is_network);
gboolean gtk_places_view_row_get_show_disk_usage (GtkPlacesViewRow *row);
void gtk_places_view_row_set_show_disk_usage (GtkPlacesViewRow *row,
gboolean show_disk_usage);
void gtk_places_view_row_set_path_size_group (GtkPlacesViewRow *row, void gtk_places_view_row_set_path_size_group (GtkPlacesViewRow *row,
GtkSizeGroup *group); GtkSizeGroup *group);
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