Fix compilation

parent 2aec19e9
......@@ -202,14 +202,14 @@ _gtk_bookmarks_manager_new (GtkBookmarksChangedFunc changed_func, gpointer chang
bookmarks_file = get_bookmarks_file ();
manager->bookmarks = read_bookmarks (bookmarks_file);
if (!priv->bookmarks)
if (!manager->bookmarks)
GFile *legacy_bookmarks_file;
/* Read the legacy one and write it to the new one */
legacy_bookmarks_file = get_legacy_bookmarks_file ();
priv->bookmarks = read_bookmarks (legacy_bookmarks_file);
save_bookmarks (bookmarks_file, priv->bookmarks);
manager->bookmarks = read_bookmarks (legacy_bookmarks_file);
save_bookmarks (bookmarks_file, manager->bookmarks);
g_object_unref (legacy_bookmarks_file);
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