Commit 82e27aed authored by Christian Dywan's avatar Christian Dywan

Explain that unmap-event may never be emitted

parent 280b01a8
......@@ -1576,9 +1576,13 @@ gtk_widget_class_init (GtkWidgetClass *klass)
* @widget: the object which received the signal
* @event: the #GdkEventAny which triggered this signal
* The ::unmap-event signal will be emitted when the @widget's window is
* The ::unmap-event signal may be emitted when the @widget's window is
* unmapped. A window is unmapped when it becomes invisible on the screen.
* For performance reasons GTK+ may not emit ::unmap-event, so one
* should always also implement ::unrealize in order to release
* resources and disconnect signal handlers.
* To receive this signal, the #GdkWindow associated to the widget needs
* to enable the #GDK_STRUCTURE_MASK mask. GDK will enable this mask
* automatically for all new windows.
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