Commit 80e11533 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

GtkInvisible: Avoid chaining up in ::style-updated

parent 7b3de2d5
......@@ -45,8 +45,7 @@ enum {
static void gtk_invisible_destroy (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_invisible_realize (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_invisible_style_set (GtkWidget *widget,
GtkStyle *previous_style);
static void gtk_invisible_style_updated (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_invisible_show (GtkWidget *widget);
static void gtk_invisible_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget,
GtkAllocation *allocation);
......@@ -75,7 +74,7 @@ gtk_invisible_class_init (GtkInvisibleClass *class)
gobject_class = (GObjectClass*) class;
widget_class->realize = gtk_invisible_realize;
widget_class->style_set = gtk_invisible_style_set;
widget_class->style_updated = gtk_invisible_style_updated;
widget_class->show = gtk_invisible_show;
widget_class->size_allocate = gtk_invisible_size_allocate;
widget_class->destroy = gtk_invisible_destroy;
......@@ -250,13 +249,10 @@ gtk_invisible_realize (GtkWidget *widget)
window = gdk_window_new (parent, &attributes, attributes_mask);
gtk_widget_set_window (widget, window);
gdk_window_set_user_data (window, widget);
gtk_widget_style_attach (widget);
static void
gtk_invisible_style_set (GtkWidget *widget,
GtkStyle *previous_style)
gtk_invisible_style_updated (GtkWidget *widget)
/* Don't chain up to parent implementation */
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