Commit 7e78d75e authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

entry: don't force zero Y coordinate for insertion cursor

Subclasses of GtkEntry could set a larger height request, so we need to
apply the same calculations to the insertion cursors than we do on the
PangoLayout to render it centered under all circumstances.
parent 0a189935
......@@ -5869,12 +5869,14 @@ gtk_entry_draw_cursor (GtkEntry *entry,
gboolean block_at_line_end;
PangoLayout *layout;
const char *text;
gint x, y;
context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (widget);
layout = gtk_entry_ensure_layout (entry, TRUE);
text = pango_layout_get_text (layout);
cursor_index = g_utf8_offset_to_pointer (text, priv->current_pos + priv->preedit_cursor) - text;
get_layout_position (entry, &x, &y);
if (!priv->overwrite_mode)
block = FALSE;
......@@ -5885,19 +5887,16 @@ gtk_entry_draw_cursor (GtkEntry *entry,
if (!block)
gtk_render_insertion_cursor (context, cr,
- priv->scroll_offset, 0,
x, y,
layout, cursor_index, priv->resolved_dir);
else /* overwrite_mode */
GdkRGBA cursor_color;
GdkRectangle rect;
gint x, y;
cairo_save (cr);
get_layout_position (entry, &x, &y);
rect.x = PANGO_PIXELS (cursor_rect.x) + x;
rect.y = PANGO_PIXELS (cursor_rect.y) + y;
rect.width = PANGO_PIXELS (cursor_rect.width);
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