Commit 7c0526e9 authored by Kristian Rietveld's avatar Kristian Rietveld

treemodelfilter: bring if-condition in sync

Bring the if-condition in sync with the other if-conditions in the
function where the "path" variable is used.
parent 7cff8c44
......@@ -1650,7 +1650,7 @@ gtk_tree_model_filter_remove_elt_from_level (GtkTreeModelFilter *filter,
iter.user_data = level;
iter.user_data2 = elt;
if (orig_level_ext_ref_count > 0)
if (!parent || orig_level_ext_ref_count > 0)
path = gtk_tree_model_get_path (GTK_TREE_MODEL (filter), &iter);
/* If the level is not visible, the parent is potentially invisible
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