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Update release notes a bit

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......@@ -73,6 +73,18 @@ Patches should be in unified diff form. (The -up option to GNU diff)
Even better are git-formatted patches. (Use git format-patch)
Release notes for 3.18
* The GtkListBox model support that was introduced in 3.16 has been
changed to no longer call gtk_widget_show_all on rows created by
the create_widget_func. You need to manage the visibility of child
widgets yourself in your create_widget_func.
* The alpha component of foreground colors that are applied to
GtkCellRendererText is no longer ignored. If you don't want your
text to be translucent, use opaque colors.
Release notes for 3.16
......@@ -99,7 +111,7 @@ Release notes for 3.16
has non-scrolling parts similar to treeview headers, there is no need
to implement this vfunc.
* The GtkSearchEntry widget has gained a number of new signal that
* The GtkSearchEntry widget has gained a number of new signals that
are emitted when certain key sequences are seen. In particular, it
now handles the Escape key and emits ::stop-search. Applications that
expect to handle Escape themselves will need to be updated.
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