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Updates for 3.5.6

parent 261d2d96
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.5.6
* GtkSearchEntry is a subclass of GtkEntry that is set up to be
used as a search entry
* GtkMenuButton is button that pops up a menu. The menu can be
generated from a GMenu or provided manually
* The GtkMountOperation code will now use gnome-shell to present
a system-modal mount dialog when available
* The accessibility bridge code that exports accessible objects
on the bus is used by default (atk-bridge has been converted into
a library that GTK+ links against). To avoid the linking, you can
pass --without-atk-bridge when configuring GTK+.
* Bugs fixed:
613561 single quote missing in translation of
652809 Add "search" entry
668013 Add menu button
669986 Some keyboard navigation breakage with GtkNotebook
670369 gdk: annotate the attributes_mask type for gdk_window_new
674963 GtkMountOperation should proxy to the Shell for modal dial...
676077 Windows: Weird characters appearing when using certain key...
677491 'toolkit-accessibility' default value should be 'true' for...
677551 a11y: fix a typo leading to a crash
677649 gtk[list,tree]store: fix transformation of GValues upon set
677774 gdk: add missing annotations to gdk_event_get_scroll_deltas
677809 Regression: gtkiconview changes in 3.4.2 / master break ch...
677915 entry-completion: don't move to leftmost character with in...
677941 Gtk.ListStore doesn't have the method "reorder" as its doc...
677943 DnD of notebook tabs lead to Gtk-WARNING
678175 Memory leak in GtkImage
678407 GtkImage: fix get_property('stock')
678418 Lacks a way to get the position of an item in the icon view
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.5.4
......@@ -53,6 +98,7 @@ Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.5.4
676429 no way to force showing icons in buttons
677055 gtkmenutoolbutton bug fixes
677109 Fixes for interactions between background-repeat ...
677127 Misc annotation fixes
677202 docs: Add section for new 3.6 symbols
677203 docs: Fix duplicate declarations in sections
677293 GtkFontSelectionDialog partially broken on gtk 3.4
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