Commit 711ffd64 authored by Timm Bäder's avatar Timm Bäder 🤔

GtkPopover: Protect against transparent backgrounds

If the background is transparent, we can't use it for the input shape,
since that will be empty. Draw a box with rounded corners irectly
instead, in fully opaque black.
parent fa66b271
......@@ -108,6 +108,8 @@
#include "gtksizegroup.h"
#include "a11y/gtkpopoveraccessible.h"
#include "gtkmenusectionbox.h"
#include "gtkroundedboxprivate.h"
#include "gtkstylecontextprivate.h"
#include "wayland/gdkwayland.h"
......@@ -882,17 +884,25 @@ gtk_popover_fill_border_path (GtkPopover *popover,
GtkAllocation allocation;
GtkStyleContext *context;
gint x1, y1, x2, y2;
GtkRoundedBox box;
context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (widget);
gtk_widget_get_allocation (widget, &allocation);
cairo_set_source_rgba (cr, 0, 0, 0, 1);
gtk_popover_apply_tail_path (popover, cr);
cairo_close_path (cr);
cairo_fill (cr);
gtk_popover_get_rect_coords (popover, &x1, &y1, &x2, &y2);
gtk_render_frame (context, cr, x1, y1, x2 - x1, y2 - y1);
gtk_render_background (context, cr, x1, y1, x2 - x1, y2 - y1);
_gtk_rounded_box_init_rect (&box, x1, y1, x2 - x1, y2 - y1);
_gtk_rounded_box_apply_border_radius_for_style (&box,
gtk_style_context_lookup_style (context),
_gtk_rounded_box_path (&box, cr);
cairo_fill (cr);
static void
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