Commit 6f5b19a0 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

css node: Use g_set_object

Replace unref + assignment + ref combinations by g_set_object_calls.
parent 51ba8421
......@@ -615,8 +615,7 @@ static void
gtk_css_node_real_style_changed (GtkCssNode *cssnode,
GtkCssStyleChange *change)
g_object_unref (cssnode->style);
cssnode->style = g_object_ref (gtk_css_style_change_get_new_style (change));
g_set_object (&cssnode->style, gtk_css_style_change_get_new_style (change));
static void
......@@ -998,8 +997,7 @@ gtk_css_node_set_style (GtkCssNode *cssnode,
/* This is when animations are starting/stopping but they didn't change any CSS this frame */
g_object_unref (cssnode->style);
cssnode->style = g_object_ref (style);
g_set_object (&cssnode->style, style);
gtk_css_style_change_finish (&change);
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