Commit 6e88f1bc authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

scalebutton: Apply a shape on the popover

This hideous hack is necessary so far because the main users of
GtkScaleButton are also clutter users, so the GtkScaleButton popover
will be very likely shaped against a clutter-enabled native window.
parent 2d9c09d6
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
#include "gtktypebuiltins.h"
#include "gtkintl.h"
#include "a11y/gtkscalebuttonaccessible.h"
#include "gtkpopoverprivate.h"
* SECTION:gtkscalebutton
......@@ -356,6 +357,9 @@ gtk_scale_button_init (GtkScaleButton *button)
gtk_widget_init_template (GTK_WIDGET (button));
gtk_popover_set_relative_to (GTK_POPOVER (priv->dock), GTK_WIDGET (button));
/* FIXME: to be removed when compositing over native windows is fixed */
_gtk_popover_set_apply_shape (GTK_POPOVER (priv->dock), TRUE);
/* Need a local reference to the adjustment */
g_object_ref (priv->adjustment);
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