Commit 6ad6f719 authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón

modules/*: Use g_list_free_full() convenience function

parent 24360a80
......@@ -184,8 +184,7 @@ pixbuf_rc_style_finalize (GObject *object)
PixbufRcStyle *rc_style = PIXBUF_RC_STYLE (object);
g_list_foreach (rc_style->img_list, (GFunc) theme_image_unref, NULL);
g_list_free (rc_style->img_list);
g_list_free_full (rc_style->img_list, theme_image_unref);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (parent_class)->finalize (object);
......@@ -2108,8 +2108,7 @@ cups_request_printer_list_cb (GtkPrintBackendCups *cups_backend,
as inactive if it is in the list, emitting a printer_removed signal */
if (removed_printer_checklist != NULL)
g_list_foreach (removed_printer_checklist, (GFunc) mark_printer_inactive, backend);
g_list_free (removed_printer_checklist);
g_list_free_full (removed_printer_checklist, (GDestroyNotify) mark_printer_inactive);
list_has_changed = TRUE;
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