Commit 68b8f792 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

cssnode: Redo style changed tracking

We don't return a NULL style to mean "no changes" anymore, instead
we check new_style == old_style to mean that.

Make sure the code reflects this, otherwise we'll send
GTK_CSS_CHANGE_PARENT_STYLE invalidations everywhere and screw up
parent 776d99ac
......@@ -588,12 +588,12 @@ gtk_css_node_get_next_sibling (GtkCssNode *cssnode)
return cssnode->next_sibling;
static void
static gboolean
gtk_css_node_set_style (GtkCssNode *cssnode,
GtkCssStyle *style)
if (cssnode->style == style)
return FALSE;
if (style)
g_object_ref (style);
......@@ -602,6 +602,8 @@ gtk_css_node_set_style (GtkCssNode *cssnode,
g_object_unref (cssnode->style);
cssnode->style = style;
return TRUE;
static void
......@@ -645,6 +647,7 @@ gtk_css_node_ensure_style (GtkCssNode *cssnode,
gint64 current_time)
GtkCssStyle *new_style;
gboolean style_changed;
if (!gtk_css_node_needs_new_style (cssnode))
......@@ -660,15 +663,12 @@ gtk_css_node_ensure_style (GtkCssNode *cssnode,
gtk_css_node_propagate_pending_changes (cssnode, new_style != NULL);
style_changed = gtk_css_node_set_style (cssnode, new_style);
g_object_unref (new_style);
if (new_style)
gtk_css_node_set_style (cssnode, new_style);
g_object_unref (new_style);
cssnode->pending_changes = 0;
gtk_css_node_propagate_pending_changes (cssnode, style_changed);
cssnode->pending_changes = 0;
cssnode->style_is_invalid = FALSE;
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