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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.11
* Inspector:
- Show input device information
- Update monitor information when it changes
* Wayland:
- Implement primary selection (using a private protocol
with mutter for now)
* GtkRange, GtkScale and GtkScrollbar have been ported to use gadgets
* Themes:
- Windows theme improvements
* Bugs fixed:
756751 Keypad decimal point patch prevents entry of comma in german keypad...
760482 GtkFrame cuts off bottom 2 pixels of child
761767 gcc6: Don't return bool from a const gchar* function
762123 Frame Layouting issue in Quadrapassel
762561 Implement primary selection protocol
762593 Solid separator in gnome-tweak-tool header bar
762614 Commit 51af704 gadget: Be careful in geometry calculations breaks v...
762629 GDK W32: Wrong MINMAXINFO calculation
762677 gtkplacessidebar: avoid irresponsible UI while trashing
762713 [Wayland] GDK doesn't remember unmaximized or unfullscreen size
762720 Moving Epiphany tabs with keyboard shortcuts visually broken
762755 Epiphany, Eye of GNOME crash when run in gdkwindow-wayland.c buffer...
762820 Remove "core_pointer" from the GdkDisplay struct
762887 yelp crashes most of the time on startup with gtk+ 3.19.10
762891 gdk: remove the display->list_devices vfunc
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.10
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