Commit 5febf4f1 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Add a color editor test

This tests using a color editor embedded in other ui.
parent 770e308c
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ noinst_PROGRAMS = $(TEST_PROGS) \
testcalendar \
testclipboard \
testcolorchooser \
testcolorchooser2 \
testcombo \
testcombochange \
testcellrenderertext \
......@@ -214,6 +215,7 @@ testcairo_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
testcalendar_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
testclipboard_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
testcolorchooser_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
testcolorchooser2_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
testcombochange_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
testcellrenderertext_DEPENDENCIES = $(TEST_DEPS)
......@@ -524,6 +526,8 @@ testpixbuf_save_SOURCES = testpixbuf-save.c
testcolorchooser_SOURCES = testcolorchooser.c
testcolorchooser2_SOURCES = testcolorchooser2.c
testkineticscrolling_SOURCES = testkineticscrolling.c
teststack_SOURCES = teststack.c
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
static void rgba_changed (GtkColorChooser *chooser, GParamSpec *pspec, gpointer data);
static void
text_activated (GtkEntry *entry, gpointer data)
GtkColorChooser *chooser = data;
GdkRGBA rgba;
const char *text;
text = gtk_entry_get_text (entry);
g_signal_handlers_block_by_func (entry, rgba_changed, entry);
if (gdk_rgba_parse (&rgba, text))
gtk_color_chooser_set_rgba (chooser, &rgba);
g_signal_handlers_unblock_by_func (entry, rgba_changed, entry);
static void
rgba_changed (GtkColorChooser *chooser, GParamSpec *pspec, gpointer data)
GtkWidget *entry = data;
GdkRGBA color;
char *s;
gtk_color_chooser_get_rgba (chooser, &color);
s = gdk_rgba_to_string (&color);
g_signal_handlers_block_by_func (entry, text_activated, chooser);
gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (entry), s);
g_signal_handlers_unblock_by_func (entry, text_activated, chooser);
g_free (s);
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
GtkWidget *window;
GtkWidget *chooser;
GtkWidget *entry;
GtkBuilder *builder;
gtk_init (NULL, NULL);
builder = gtk_builder_new_from_file ("testcolorchooser2.ui");
window = GTK_WIDGET (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "window1"));
chooser = GTK_WIDGET (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "chooser"));
entry = GTK_WIDGET (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "entry"));
g_signal_connect (chooser, "notify::rgba", G_CALLBACK (rgba_changed), entry);
g_signal_connect (entry, "activate", G_CALLBACK (text_activated), chooser);
gtk_widget_show (window);
gtk_main ();
return 0;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<object class="GtkWindow" id="window1">
<object class="GtkBox">
<property name="visible">1</property>
<property name="orientation">horizontal</property>
<property name="halign">center</property>
<property name="valign">center</property>
<property name="spacing">10</property>
<object class="GtkEntry" id="entry">
<property name="visible">1</property>
<property name="valign">start</property>
<property name="text">unknown</property>
<property name="width-chars">25</property>
<property name="max-width-chars">25</property>
<object class="GtkColorChooserWidget" id="chooser">
<property name="visible">1</property>
<property name="show-editor">1</property>
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