Commit 5c019bde authored by Olivier Brunel's avatar Olivier Brunel Committed by Matthias Clasen

treemodelfilter: Fix using wrong path on row-deleted

A "typo" led to using a wrong GtkTreePath when converting the path of the
virtual root to check the ancestors, which would lead to either no checks being
performed, or maybe segfaulting when using an invalid path as result. Olivier Brunel's avatarOlivier Brunel <>
parent 75b01808
......@@ -2693,7 +2693,7 @@ gtk_tree_model_filter_row_deleted (GtkTreeModel *c_model,
GtkTreePath *real_path;
real_path = gtk_tree_model_filter_remove_root (c_path,
if (real_path)
gtk_tree_model_filter_check_ancestors (filter, real_path);
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