Commit 593025a9 authored by Tomasz Miąsko's avatar Tomasz Miąsko

gtkclipboard-quartz: Update annotations for gtk_clipboard_wait_for_targets

Copy documentation for gtk_clipboard_wait_for_targets from gtk/gtkclipboard.c
to quartz implementation. Primarily to add transfer container annotation as
otherwise pygobject tries to deallocate individual GdkAtoms.

Issue #1584.
parent ba216dea
......@@ -1006,9 +1006,22 @@ gtk_clipboard_wait_is_uris_available (GtkClipboard *clipboard)
* gtk_clipboard_wait_for_targets:
* @clipboard:
* @targets: (out) (array length=n_targets):
* @n_targets: (out):
* @clipboard: a #GtkClipboard
* @targets: (out) (array length=n_targets) (transfer container): location
* to store an array of targets. The result stored here must
* be freed with g_free().
* @n_targets: (out): location to store number of items in @targets.
* Returns a list of targets that are present on the clipboard, or %NULL
* if there aren’t any targets available. The returned list must be
* freed with g_free().
* This function waits for the data to be received using the main
* loop, so events, timeouts, etc, may be dispatched during the wait.
* Returns: %TRUE if any targets are present on the clipboard,
* otherwise %FALSE.
* Since: 2.4
gtk_clipboard_wait_for_targets (GtkClipboard *clipboard,
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