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Update the NEWS for 3.1.4

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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.1.4
* GtkAssistant has received a visual refresh; as a side-effect,
the various image properties are no longer used
* GtkTextView can now handle RGBA colors
* GtkFileChooser now remembers the last opened directory
* GtkLockButton is a new widget to control dialogs with
PolicyKit (or other) permissions
* Size allocation changes:
- GtkPaned and GtkMenuBar now do height-for-width
- GtkAccelLabel is smarter about hiding the accel if too small
- GTK+ now warns if widgets are under-allocated; this
may cause considerable noise, it will be turned off
before the next stable release
- Label size allocation has been reworked, check your labels
- No longer try to guess the size of labels; this makes
it more important to give windows reasonable default
sizes or set width-chars/max-width-chars on labels
- The computation of initial window size has been reworked,
check your windows
* A test framework for mozilla-style reftests has been added
* GDK Broadway backend changes:
- Improved key event handling
- Make resize grips work
- Make window close buttons work
- Stream data over websocket
* Bugs fixed:
618815 mnemonics aren't displayed when Alt is already pressed...
626457 Add a lock button widget
626503 Critical warning in GtkTreeView
642214 GTK+ 3.0 fails to compile caused by linking with libuuid...
644426 GNOME-wide default to remember last folder
646517 "Sending message (completed)" ellipsized in French
646876 Free MenuPopulateData struct in all the cases.
647284 GtkLabel does not honor width-chars anymore.
647790 GtkMenuShell: don't leak a GSList
647806 gtk_combo_box_set_active_id() nit picks
647962 Desensitize "Select All" when GtkEntry is empty
648136 design refresh for gtkassistant
648419 crash in remove_capslock_feedback at gtkentry.c...
648570 Mnemonics don't show under some letters
648943 Drop the last remaining translated g_warning/g_error calls
649295 gtkdnd: Add API that takes GIcon
649313 gdk_window_set_cursor() sets cursor for random set of devices
649457 probable leak in icon theme
649593 GtkProgressBar theming fixes
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.1.2
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