Commit 5642703b authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

notebook: Match horizontal and vertical code paths

I have no idea what this code does, but it looks better now. :o
parent 8e1714d5
......@@ -6175,7 +6175,7 @@ gtk_notebook_page_allocate (GtkNotebook *notebook,
* coordinate of the allocation too, to position it after
* the end of the overlap.
if (page != priv->cur_page && tab_overlap > tab_curvature)
if (page != priv->cur_page && tab_overlap > tab_curvature + MIN (, tab_padding.bottom))
if (gtk_notebook_page_num (notebook, page->child) >
gtk_notebook_page_num (notebook, priv->cur_page->child))
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