Commit 535b4150 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho Committed by Matthias Clasen

menus: Don't popdown submenus on button release for touch devices

This is so submenus stay open as the parent menu item is
pressed/released, since the user would typically lift the
finger in order to select a submenu item.
parent 0e8c2db1
......@@ -3358,9 +3358,17 @@ static gboolean
gtk_menu_button_press (GtkWidget *widget,
GdkEventButton *event)
GdkDevice *source_device;
GtkWidget *event_widget;
GtkMenu *menu;
if (event->type != GDK_BUTTON_PRESS)
return FALSE;
source_device = gdk_event_get_source_device ((GdkEvent *) event);
event_widget = gtk_get_event_widget ((GdkEvent *) event);
menu = GTK_MENU (widget);
/* Don't pass down to menu shell if a non-menuitem part of the menu
* was clicked. The check for the event_widget being a GtkMenuShell
* works because we have the pointer grabbed on menu_shell->window
......@@ -3368,10 +3376,16 @@ gtk_menu_button_press (GtkWidget *widget,
* the menu or on its border are delivered relative to
* menu_shell->window.
if (GTK_IS_MENU_SHELL (gtk_get_event_widget ((GdkEvent *) event)) &&
if (GTK_IS_MENU_SHELL (event_widget) &&
pointer_in_menu_window (widget, event->x_root, event->y_root))
return TRUE;
if (GTK_IS_MENU_ITEM (event_widget) &&
gdk_device_get_source (source_device) == GDK_SOURCE_TOUCHSCREEN &&
GTK_MENU_ITEM (event_widget)->priv->submenu != NULL &&
!gtk_widget_is_drawable (GTK_MENU_ITEM (event_widget)->priv->submenu))
menu->priv->ignore_button_release = TRUE;
return GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_menu_parent_class)->button_press_event (widget, event);
......@@ -1700,7 +1700,7 @@ gtk_real_menu_item_select (GtkMenuItem *menu_item)
if ((!source_device ||
gdk_device_get_source (source_device) != GDK_SOURCE_TOUCH) &&
gdk_device_get_source (source_device) != GDK_SOURCE_TOUCHSCREEN) &&
priv->submenu &&
(!gtk_widget_get_mapped (priv->submenu) ||
GTK_MENU (priv->submenu)->priv->tearoff_active))
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