Commit 501f327b authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón Committed by Tristan Van Berkom

Revert "Drop duplicate declarations"

The issue is already fixed in f9a3ce06

This reverts commit 6f566057.
parent 29efd9a7
......@@ -922,6 +922,13 @@ gboolean gtk_widget_get_has_window (GtkWidget *widget);
gboolean gtk_widget_is_toplevel (GtkWidget *widget);
gboolean gtk_widget_is_drawable (GtkWidget *widget);
void gtk_widget_set_realized (GtkWidget *widget,
gboolean realized);
gboolean gtk_widget_get_realized (GtkWidget *widget);
void gtk_widget_set_mapped (GtkWidget *widget,
gboolean mapped);
gboolean gtk_widget_get_mapped (GtkWidget *widget);
void gtk_widget_set_app_paintable (GtkWidget *widget,
gboolean app_paintable);
gboolean gtk_widget_get_app_paintable (GtkWidget *widget);
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