Commit 4fe051bb authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

Revert "GtkTextView: Fix regression in GtkSourceView drawing"

This reverts commit 1ac13435.

We want to instead replace this with special vfunc for drawing
below/above the main text so that gtksourceview can use it.
parent b584970b
......@@ -1491,13 +1491,6 @@ gtk_text_view_init (GtkTextView *text_view)
priv->pixel_cache = _gtk_pixel_cache_new ();
/* Widgets inheriting from GtkTextView (like GtkSourceView) rely on being able to
paint before chaining up to GtkTextView.draw() and having that be visible, that
doesn't work unless we have alpha in the textview pixelcache. This is slightly
suboptimal, as it means drawing the cache is slower (and OVER operation) rather
than a pure blit, but is required for backwards compat. */
_gtk_pixel_cache_set_content (priv->pixel_cache, CAIRO_CONTENT_COLOR_ALPHA);
/* Set up default style */
priv->wrap_mode = GTK_WRAP_NONE;
priv->pixels_above_lines = 0;
......@@ -5318,6 +5311,18 @@ draw_text (cairo_t *cr,
gpointer user_data)
GtkWidget *widget = user_data;
GtkStyleContext *context;
GdkRectangle bg_rect;
gdk_cairo_get_clip_rectangle (cr, &bg_rect);
context = gtk_widget_get_style_context (widget);
gtk_style_context_save (context);
gtk_style_context_add_class (context, GTK_STYLE_CLASS_VIEW);
gtk_render_background (context, cr,
bg_rect.x, bg_rect.y,
bg_rect.width, bg_rect.height);
gtk_style_context_restore (context);
gtk_text_view_paint (widget, cr);
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