Commit 4a49d8d1 authored by LRN's avatar LRN

Don't do remote checks on NULL files

Calling _gtk_file_consider_as_remote() with a NULL argument
results in warnings being thrown.

Note that query->priv->location being NULL is a state that does
not seem to be invalid by itself.

This could happen if you do search-as-you-type in a filechooser,
which has a filter that does not match anything *and* the current
"place" selected is "Recent".
parent 3756d923
......@@ -7340,7 +7340,8 @@ search_start_query (GtkFileChooserWidget *impl,
_gtk_search_engine_start (priv->search_engine);
if (_gtk_file_consider_as_remote (gtk_query_get_location (priv->search_query)))
if (gtk_query_get_location (priv->search_query) &&
_gtk_file_consider_as_remote (gtk_query_get_location (priv->search_query)))
gtk_widget_show (priv->remote_warning_bar);
......@@ -92,7 +92,8 @@ static void
queue_if_local (SearchThreadData *data,
GFile *file)
if (!_gtk_file_consider_as_remote (file) &&
if (file &&
!_gtk_file_consider_as_remote (file) &&
!g_file_has_uri_scheme (file, "recent"))
g_queue_push_tail (data->directories, g_object_ref (file));
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