Commit 4a12717e authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

cssvalue: Remove unused functions

parent 585a1fae
......@@ -194,17 +194,6 @@ _gtk_css_value_new_take_string (char *string)
return value;
GtkCssValue *
_gtk_css_value_new_from_string (const char *string)
GtkCssValue *value;
value = _gtk_css_value_new (G_TYPE_STRING);
value->u.ptr = g_strdup (string);
return value;
static gpointer
g_boxed_copy0 (GType boxed_type,
gconstpointer src_boxed)
......@@ -491,25 +480,6 @@ _gtk_css_value_init_gvalue (GtkCssValue *value,
_gtk_css_value_to_gvalue (GtkCssValue *value,
GValue *g_value)
if (value->type == G_VALUE_TYPE (g_value))
fill_gvalue (value, g_value);
else if (g_value_type_transformable (value->type, G_VALUE_TYPE (g_value)))
GValue v = G_VALUE_INIT;
_gtk_css_value_init_gvalue (value, &v);
g_value_transform (&v, g_value);
g_value_unset (&v);
g_warning ("can't convert css value of type `%s' as value of type `%s'",
g_type_name (value->type),
G_VALUE_TYPE_NAME (g_value));
_gtk_css_value_is_special (GtkCssValue *value)
......@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@ gboolean _gtk_css_value_holds (GtkCssValue
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_gvalue (const GValue *g_value);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_take_gvalue (GValue *g_value);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_int (gint val);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_string (const char *string);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_take_string (char *string);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_take_font_description (PangoFontDescription *v);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_rgba (const GdkRGBA *v);
......@@ -62,8 +61,6 @@ GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_take_image (GtkCssImage
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_number (const GtkCssNumber *v);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_background_size (const GtkCssBackgroundSize *v);
GtkCssValue *_gtk_css_value_new_from_background_position (const GtkCssBackgroundPosition *v);
void _gtk_css_value_to_gvalue (GtkCssValue *value,
GValue *g_value);
void _gtk_css_value_init_gvalue (GtkCssValue *value,
GValue *g_value);
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