Commit 493d7988 authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón

gdk/gdkkeys.h: Remove api documentation as Its already in the .c file

parent c2be5f31
......@@ -106,15 +106,6 @@ gboolean gdk_keymap_get_entries_for_keycode (GdkKeymap *keymap,
guint **keyvals,
gint *n_entries);
* gdk_keymap_get_direction:
* @keymap: a #GdkKeymap or %NULL to use the default keymap.
* Returns the direction of the keymap.
* Returns: the direction of the keymap, %PANGO_DIRECTION_LTR or
PangoDirection gdk_keymap_get_direction (GdkKeymap *keymap);
gboolean gdk_keymap_have_bidi_layouts (GdkKeymap *keymap);
gboolean gdk_keymap_get_caps_lock_state (GdkKeymap *keymap);
......@@ -128,15 +119,6 @@ gboolean gdk_keymap_map_virtual_modifiers (GdkKeymap *keymap,
gchar* gdk_keyval_name (guint keyval) G_GNUC_CONST;
* gdk_keyval_from_name:
* @keyval_name: a key name.
* Converts a key name to a key value.
* Returns: the corresponding key value, or %GDK_VoidSymbol if the key name is
* not a valid key.
guint gdk_keyval_from_name (const gchar *keyval_name);
void gdk_keyval_convert_case (guint symbol,
guint *lower,
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