Commit 45d6c009 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

wayland/protocol: Update gtk-shell protocol to v3

This version has 2 new requests:
- gtk_shell1.notify_launch notifies the compositor that the requesting
  client shall launch another application. The given ID is expected to
  be unique.
- gtk_surface1.request_focus notifies the compositor that a surface
  requests focus due to it being activated. The given ID is passed to
  this process through undetermined means, if it corresponds with a
  current startup ID and there was no user interaction in between the
  surface will be focused, otherwise it will demand attention.
parent 2db6dbd1
<protocol name="gtk"> <protocol name="gtk">
<interface name="gtk_shell1" version="2"> <interface name="gtk_shell1" version="3">
<description summary="gtk specific extensions"> <description summary="gtk specific extensions">
gtk_shell is a protocol extension providing additional features for gtk_shell is a protocol extension providing additional features for
clients implementing it. clients implementing it.
...@@ -28,9 +28,14 @@ ...@@ -28,9 +28,14 @@
<request name="system_bell"> <request name="system_bell">
<arg name="surface" type="object" interface="gtk_surface1" allow-null="true"/> <arg name="surface" type="object" interface="gtk_surface1" allow-null="true"/>
</request> </request>
<!-- Version 3 additions -->
<request name="notify_launch" since="3">
<arg name="startup_id" type="string"/>
</interface> </interface>
<interface name="gtk_surface1" version="2"> <interface name="gtk_surface1" version="3">
<request name="set_dbus_properties"> <request name="set_dbus_properties">
<arg name="application_id" type="string" allow-null="true"/> <arg name="application_id" type="string" allow-null="true"/>
<arg name="app_menu_path" type="string" allow-null="true"/> <arg name="app_menu_path" type="string" allow-null="true"/>
...@@ -72,6 +77,11 @@ ...@@ -72,6 +77,11 @@
<event name="configure_edges" since="2"> <event name="configure_edges" since="2">
<arg name="constraints" type="array"/> <arg name="constraints" type="array"/>
</event> </event>
<!-- Version 3 additions -->
<request name="request_focus" since="3">
<arg name="startup_id" type="string" allow-null="true"/>
</interface> </interface>
</protocol> </protocol>
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