Commit 43ed74c5 authored by Christian Dywan's avatar Christian Dywan Committed by Javier Jardón

Remove deprecated GtkCellView function

parent e641742c
......@@ -1064,26 +1064,6 @@ gtk_cell_view_cell_layout_get_cells (GtkCellLayout *layout)
return g_list_reverse (retval);
* gtk_cell_view_get_cell_renderers:
* @cell_view: a #GtkCellView
* Returns the cell renderers which have been added to @cell_view.
* Return value: a list of cell renderers. The list, but not the
* renderers has been newly allocated and should be freed with
* g_list_free() when no longer needed.
* Since: 2.6
* Deprecated: 2.18: use gtk_cell_layout_get_cells() instead.
GList *
gtk_cell_view_get_cell_renderers (GtkCellView *cell_view)
return gtk_cell_view_cell_layout_get_cells (GTK_CELL_LAYOUT (cell_view));
static gboolean
gtk_cell_view_buildable_custom_tag_start (GtkBuildable *buildable,
GtkBuilder *builder,
......@@ -72,9 +72,6 @@ gboolean gtk_cell_view_get_size_of_row (GtkCellView *cell_v
void gtk_cell_view_set_background_color (GtkCellView *cell_view,
const GdkColor *color);
GList *gtk_cell_view_get_cell_renderers (GtkCellView *cell_view);
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