Commit 43e6b3aa authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

window: Handle attach widget disappearing without weak pointers

Fixes the window not emitting a "notify::attached-to" signal when the
attach-widget goes away.
parent f7ee5450
......@@ -11052,8 +11052,8 @@ gtk_widget_dispose (GObject *object)
g_clear_object (&priv->muxer);
g_list_free (priv->attached_windows);
priv->attached_windows = NULL;
while (priv->attached_windows)
gtk_window_set_attached_to (priv->attached_windows->data, NULL);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gtk_widget_parent_class)->dispose (object);
......@@ -2510,7 +2510,6 @@ remove_attach_widget (GtkWindow *window)
_gtk_widget_remove_attached_window (priv->attach_widget, window);
g_object_remove_weak_pointer (priv->attach_widget, &priv->attach_widget);
priv->attach_widget = NULL;
......@@ -2759,8 +2758,6 @@ gtk_window_set_attached_to (GtkWindow *window,
if (priv->attach_widget)
_gtk_widget_add_attached_window (priv->attach_widget, window);
g_object_add_weak_pointer (priv->attach_widget, &priv->attach_widget);
/* Update the style, as the widget path might change. */
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