Commit 43e29f7c authored by Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)'s avatar Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)

gtkspinbutton: Ignore keynav when !editable

Don't allow changing of value through keyboard when 'editable' property is
set to 'FALSE.
parent b3e352f4
......@@ -1504,6 +1504,12 @@ gtk_spin_button_real_change_value (GtkSpinButton *spin,
GtkSpinButtonPrivate *priv = spin->priv;
gdouble old_value;
if (!gtk_editable_get_editable (GTK_EDITABLE (spin)))
gtk_widget_error_bell (GTK_WIDGET (spin));
/* When the key binding is activated, there may be an outstanding
* value, so we first have to commit what is currently written in
* the spin buttons text entry. See #106574
......@@ -1512,11 +1518,6 @@ gtk_spin_button_real_change_value (GtkSpinButton *spin,
old_value = gtk_adjustment_get_value (priv->adjustment);
/* We don't test whether the entry is editable, since
* this key binding conceptually corresponds to changing
* the value with the buttons using the mouse, which
* we allow for non-editable spin buttons.
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