Commit 3e60650f authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

notebook: Fix assert in ::drag-motion

The drag destination might be empty, we shouldn't be checking whether
it contains pages at all. Instead, check the source notebook, which
ought to have a selected page if you're dragging something from there.
parent 6724ea13
......@@ -3829,8 +3829,6 @@ gtk_notebook_drag_motion (GtkWidget *widget,
goto out;
g_assert (priv->cur_page != NULL);
stop_scrolling (notebook);
target = gtk_drag_dest_find_target (widget, context, NULL);
tab_target = gdk_atom_intern_static_string ("GTK_NOTEBOOK_TAB");
......@@ -3844,6 +3842,7 @@ gtk_notebook_drag_motion (GtkWidget *widget,
retval = TRUE;
source = GTK_NOTEBOOK (gtk_drag_get_source_widget (context));
g_assert (source->priv->cur_page != NULL);
source_child = source->priv->cur_page->child;
group = notebook->priv->group;
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