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2007-09-09 Matthias Clasen <>
* NEWS: Updates
* Add a note about bug 463773.
2007-09-08 Matthias Clasen <>
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.6 to 2.12.0
* GtkTooltips
- All widgets have been ported to the new tooltips code
- Tooltips are disabled in touchscreen mode
* GtkBuilder
- Support custom tabs in GtkPrintUnixDialog
* Bugs fixed:
459561 critical warnings with custom tooltips
461648 GdkWindowQueueItem::serial overflow
463773 Openoffice and flash run into a deadlock when used with KDE
468801 thunar segfaults when selecting targa image
473441 [patch] Ungrab windows when gdk_window_destroy() is calle...
473954 gnome-background-properties: crash on drag-n-drop to "Add...
461945 totem outputs errors in terminal
348493 _gdk_quartz_copy_to_image needs implementing for pixmaps
405868 Missing implementation of gdk_window_get_geometry()
441219 Do not allow moving cursor to separators
447214 rename the tips_data_list field back
451202 New tooltips API has too long default timeout
451397 Use new tooltip API in gtk+
452225 check and option mark drawing is a mess of inconsistency
457642 tooltips on notebook's tab labels
458088 Improve mouse cursor for paned widgets
458102 GtkScrolledWindow doesn't redraw when gtk-scrolled-window...
458280 remove set-toolip handler from menutoolbutton
458298 broken cursor movement with inline selection
459459 Missing implementation of gdk_window_set_decorations() an...
459515 gtk_menu_key_press() buglets
459566 update testtooltips
459667 Missing implementation of gdk_window_set_keep_above and g...
460272 GtkFrame publishes incorrect defaults for "label-xalign"
460534 No expose events if input swamps main loop with scrolled ...
461225 gtk_tree_view_set_tooltip_cell() documentation: cell
463907 'Recent Documents' is broken in gnome-panel 2.19.5
464528 gdk_rectangle_union() and gdk_rectangle_intersect() shoul...
465039 "keynav-failed" signal not emitted when treeview has just...
467003 tooltips do not pick up theme changes
467117 Documentation for the GtkPaned key binding signals
467414 gtkcupsutil.c won't build with cups 1.3
468055 Incorrect compose mapping for capital U with macron
468245 Tooltip timer doesn't get reset when mouse leaves into ot...
469214 Recently used blocks side-panel browsing until loaded
469374 menu accelerators don't work
469395 make dist failure
471132 Highlighting a suggestion with the keyboard changes the U...
471215 Cursor drawing broken
472974 gtk-builder-convert doesn't set correctly the tab label f...
472981 make gtk-builder-convert not remove some empty properties
356630 Print to file dialog suggests "output.pdf" even for ps ou...
447883 PATCH Documentation about SVN in HACKING and README.cvs-c...
459340 GtkContainer API documentation refers deprecated gtk_widg...
459732 build system: cups detection with only cups-config might ...
460207 there are still references to deprecated gdk_pixbuf_rende...
461483 Wrong check in gtk_window_group_remove_window
472643 gtk_builder_add_from_file: *filename marked as constant b...
474696 ToolbarContent should use GSlice
459313 A few functions that don't appear in 2.12 new symbols
468832 crash while reading ANI file
470033 MS-Windows Theme doesn't apply styling to gtknotebooks wh...
473340 gtk_print_operation_get_error() is listed twice
473463 GtkButton doesn't have a GdkWindow like the docs say it does
474282 Dead code in gtkmisc.c
472951 gtkprintunixdialog should support custom tabs as buildable
* Updated translations
- Bulgarian (bg)
- Bengali (bn_IN)
- Danish (da)
- German (de)
- Canadian English (en_CA)
- Spanish (es)
- Estonian (et)
- Basque (eu)
- Finnish (fi)
- French (fr)
- Irish (ga)
- Gujarati (gu)
- Hungarian (hu)
- Japanese (jp)
- Kannada (kn)
- Macedonian (mk)
- Malayalam (ml)
- Norwegian bokmål (nb)
- Dutch (nl)
- Oriya (or)
- Polish (pl)
- Portugese (pt)
- Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR)
- Russian (ru)
- Serbian (sr, sr@Latn)
- Swedish (sv)
- Telugu (te)
- Thai (th)
- Ukrainian (uk)
- Vietnamese (vi)
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.5 to 2.11.6
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