window: handle titlebar property for the buildable interface

parent 96e0d9db
......@@ -103,6 +103,11 @@
* <object class="GtkAccelGroup" id="accelgroup1"/>
* ]]></programlisting>
* </example>
* <para>
* The GtkWindow implementation of the GtkBuildable interface
* supports setting a child as the titlebar by specifying "titlebar" as
* the "type" attribute of a <tag class="starttag">child</tag> element.
* </para>
* </refsect2>
......@@ -511,6 +516,10 @@ static void gtk_window_get_property (GObject *object,
/* GtkBuildable */
static void gtk_window_buildable_interface_init (GtkBuildableIface *iface);
static void gtk_window_buildable_add_child (GtkBuildable *buildable,
GtkBuilder *builder,
GObject *child,
const gchar *type);
static void gtk_window_buildable_set_buildable_property (GtkBuildable *buildable,
GtkBuilder *builder,
const gchar *name,
......@@ -1556,6 +1565,21 @@ gtk_window_buildable_interface_init (GtkBuildableIface *iface)
iface->parser_finished = gtk_window_buildable_parser_finished;
iface->custom_tag_start = gtk_window_buildable_custom_tag_start;
iface->custom_finished = gtk_window_buildable_custom_finished;
iface->add_child = gtk_window_buildable_add_child;
static void
gtk_window_buildable_add_child (GtkBuildable *buildable,
GtkBuilder *builder,
GObject *child,
const gchar *type)
if (type && strcmp (type, "titlebar") == 0)
gtk_window_set_titlebar (GTK_WINDOW (buildable), GTK_WIDGET (child));
else if (!type)
gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (buildable), GTK_WIDGET (child));
static void
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