Commit 36100051 authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

gdkwindow: Avoid some unnecessary typechecks

This removes the typechecks in GDK_WINDOW_TYPE and GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED. These
are only used internally in gdkwindow.c and gdkdisplay.c anyway,  and these
functions check for typesafety of arguments on function entry.
parent 0600d3d7
......@@ -269,8 +269,8 @@ struct _GdkWindow
GdkWindowInvalidateHandlerFunc invalidate_handler;
#define GDK_WINDOW_TYPE(d) (((GDK_WINDOW (d)))->window_type)
#define GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED(d) (GDK_WINDOW (d)->destroyed)
#define GDK_WINDOW_TYPE(d) ((((GdkWindow *)(d)))->window_type)
#define GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED(d) (((GdkWindow *)(d))->destroyed)
extern gchar *_gdk_display_name;
extern gint _gdk_screen_number;
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