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......@@ -38,10 +38,9 @@ void gtk_snapshot_pop (GdkSnapshot
* #GdkPaintable is a simple interface used by GDK and GDK to represent
* objects that can be painted anywhere at any size without requiring any
* sort of layout. The interface is inspired by similar concepts elsewhere,
* such as #ClutterContent, <ulink
* linkend="">HTML/CSS Paint
* Sources</ulink> or <ulink linkend="">
* SVG Paint Servers</ulink>.
* such as [ClutterContent](,
* [HTML/CSS Paint Sources](,
* or [SVG Paint Servers](
* A #GdkPaintable can be snapshot at any time and size using
* gdk_paintable_snapshot(). How the paintable interprets that size and if it
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