Commit 35a56ba9 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

Add API to GtkBookmarksManager for built-in bookmarks

I.e. those that are added automatically from XDG dirs.
parent aafd97be
......@@ -523,3 +523,64 @@ _gtk_bookmarks_manager_set_bookmark_label (GtkBookmarksManager *manager,
return TRUE;
_gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_xdg_type (GtkBookmarksManager *manager,
GFile *file,
GUserDirectory *directory)
GSList *link;
gboolean match;
GFile *location;
const gchar *path;
GUserDirectory dir;
GtkBookmark *bookmark;
link = find_bookmark_link_for_file (manager->bookmarks, file, NULL);
if (!link)
return FALSE;
match = FALSE;
bookmark = link->data;
for (dir = 0; dir < G_USER_N_DIRECTORIES; dir++)
path = g_get_user_special_dir (dir);
if (!path)
location = g_file_new_for_path (path);
match = g_file_equal (location, bookmark->file);
g_object_unref (location);
if (match)
if (match && directory != NULL)
*directory = dir;
return match;
_gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_is_builtin (GtkBookmarksManager *manager,
GFile *file)
GUserDirectory xdg_type;
/* if this is not an XDG dir, it's never builtin */
if (!_gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_xdg_type (manager, file, &xdg_type))
return FALSE;
/* exclude XDG locations we don't display by default */
return _gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_is_xdg_dir_builtin (xdg_type);
_gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_is_xdg_dir_builtin (GUserDirectory xdg_type)
return (xdg_type != G_USER_DIRECTORY_DESKTOP) &&
......@@ -77,4 +77,12 @@ gboolean _gtk_bookmarks_manager_set_bookmark_label (GtkBookmarksManager *manager
const gchar *label,
GError **error);
gboolean _gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_xdg_type (GtkBookmarksManager *manager,
GFile *file,
GUserDirectory *directory);
gboolean _gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_is_builtin (GtkBookmarksManager *manager,
GFile *file);
gboolean _gtk_bookmarks_manager_get_is_xdg_dir_builtin (GUserDirectory xdg_type);
#endif /* __GTK_BOOKMARKS_MANAGER_H__ */
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