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Update NEWS for 2.91.1

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Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.91.0 to 2.91.1
* GTK+ can now add a resize grip to any window. The resize
grip functionality in GtkStatusbar has been removed.
* A very old bug in the handling of geometry widgets has
been fixed, and a way to set geometry in terms of the
geometry widget has been added: gtk_window_resize_to_geometry()
* The GtkFileChooser now uses GSettings to store its settings
instead of the keyfile ~/.config/gtk-2.0/gtkfilechooser.ini
* GtkWrapBox has been dropped from GTK+ again. The widget
will be available in libegg until clear use cases have
been established.
* GtkWidget now has horizontal and vertical expand flags, in
the form of ::hexpand and ::vexpand properties. These flags
are intended to obsolete most custom container-specific
expand child properties, over time.
Expandability is inherited up the widget hierarchy.
* GtkComboBoxEntry has been deprecated in favor of a
::has-entry property on GtkComboBox.
* The GtkComboBox text convenience API (gtk_combo_box_new_text(), etc)
has been deprecated in favor of a new GtkComboBoxText class.
* GtkLinkButton has gained a ::activate-link signal that
can be used to suppress the default behavior.
* The very outdated tutorial has been dropped from the GTK+ distribution,
and a new 'Getting started' section has been added to the API
documentation that will accumulate tutorial material over time.
* Bugs fixed:
68668 Fix handling of geometry widget
313350 Return type of gtk_accelerator_get_default_mod_mask...
351247 GtkScrolledWindow is mis documented
423201 gtk_combo_box_entry_active_changed does not transform...
563002 Doesn't call 'update-preview' on set_filename
612396 Implement GtkComboBoxText subclass to supersede "text"...
613728 Rationalize GtkTreeView focus
628902 use expand flags to determine window resizability
629722 save_entry_get_info_cb() doesn't behave correctly
629778 Scrolled window does not behave properly with height-for...
629955 Deprecate / remove gtk_main and gtk_init_add / remove* API
630850 Use GSettings for the filechooser settings
630900 GtkCellRendererClass: unify const of GdkRectangle args
631203 Scrolling in GtkTextView can use 100% cpu
631311 Obvious fix for nasty crash in menu code
631473 Fix GTK+3 documentation
631475 Two old GDK_foo key macros left in gdk/quartz/gdkkeys-quartz.c
631599 Allow to use arbitrary surfaces for offscreen windows
631719 Action-based menu accelerators don't synch with GtkMenuItem
631794 Warn when calling gtk_window_parse_geometry() on an empty...
631976 Remove GtkWidgetAuxInfo from GtkScrolledWindow
632059 Move the introduction of the tutorial in the reference
632095 GtkTargetEntry: Add boxed type and constructor
632140 optionally take hotspot coordinates from the pixbuf...
632218 BadMatch when starting gnome-shell
* New or updated translations:
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.90.7 to 2.91.0
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